S7 Airlines, the 2nd largest airline in Russia, came to Branchspace looking for support in shaping its product marketing roadmap for the next 3 years. Having a reputation of being a savvy marketing and technology leader, they asked Branchspace to conduct a review of their current digital capability, benchmark them against leading airlines and use industry best-practice to create an integrated, innovative digital experience.


Starting with the digital capability ‘Functional Review’, our team:

  • Assessed S7’s functional capabilities compared to industry best-practice and market competition
  • Reviewed their roadmap and identified key gaps
  • Recommended solutions for evolving their digital selling and servicing capabilities
  • Provided further suggestions on improving the customer service/product offering and positioning

We also conducted an in-depth ‘UX & Usability Review’, providing:

  • Cognitive walkthrough and comparison across all key touchpoints
  • Conversion analysis with a summary of usability and accessibility issues, prioritised by severity
  • Online retail experience review of areas such as navigation, search results, help, bots and merchandising

“Branchspace did everything to support us – and much faster than we expected! Not only they brought new ideas, they also had a great decision-making process, asking for regular feedback and constantly trying to meet our needs. David and Mark are great experts in eCommerce and the airline industry and we were pretty happy to work with them. We took on board their recommendations and will certainly work with Branchspace again.”

Dmitry Chuyko
Vice President Innovation, S7 Airlines

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