Real-time, Context-based & Data-driven

Dynamic Presentation, Triplake’s in-built experience personalisation solution, is an out-of-the-box set of tools that empowers airlines to display contextually relevant, personalised and real-time content on every page based on context, users’ behaviour and data.
Dynamic Layout

Optimise merchandising with dynamic UI component placement for each user.

Dynamic Messaging

Drive conversion with tailored and contextual messages on any page.

Dynamic Styling

Personalise the Brand Experience for every user with CSS-driven styling.

Dynamic Layout

Personalise and optimise the presentation layer with real-time
UI component placement for each user.

  • Component Positioning 

    Automate component positioning through pre-defined business rules and machine learning

  • Component Layout

    Select the default component state (e.g. default vs expanded) and the actual component layout

  • UI Library

    Choose your UI components for each use case from a library of pre-built experience assets


Dynamic Messaging

Drive conversion and maximise ancillary product sales with tailored,
contextual and real-time messages on every page.


  • Urgency Messages
  • Promotional Messages
  • Exit Intent Messages
  • Product Discovery Messages
  • Aid Messages

Dynamic Styling

Control and personalise the overall Brand experience for every
user with CSS-driven styling.

  • CSS-Driven

    Run several style-sheets side-by-side at the same time;

    Gives you significant control of the overall Brand look and feel

  • Potential Application

    Multiple airline brands;
    User-groups differentiation (e.g. loyalty members)


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