Triplake is a digital experience platform for connecting
airlines with today’s digital consumers

How it works

Triplake replaces an airline’s legacy Internet Booking Engine with a fully customisable,
flexible solution that enables a personalised and unified customer experience.

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  • Context-aware UI components
  • Configured, rule-driven display logic
  • Data-driven presentation automation
  • Dynamic page layout, messaging and styling
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  • A/B and MV testing
  • Smart, domain-specific analytics

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Transforming the online flight booking and
management experience with Triplake

Blue Air is the largest airline in Romania by the number of transported passengers and one of the most rapidly growing low-cost airlines in Europe, flying to 57 destinations. To accelerate the growth of its digital retail business, Blue Air partnered with Branchspace to leverage Triplake digital experience platform as its eCommerce solution for desktop and tablet across all markets and 10+ languages.
Fully integrated with Navitaire’s New Skies and a wide variety of third-party ancillary and payment service providers, Triplake has enabled several advanced selling capabilities, allowing Blue Air to offer its products and services through an extensively customised and customer-centric experience.
Key features include:

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